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Claire Birbeck - Body Stress Release Practitioner

My journey with pain

My journey with pain started at the age of 16 with an ITB (Iliotibial Band) injury from dancing. A long stint of physio followed, plus cortisone injections into both hips. The relief from pain was short term, lasting only a few weeks. This was the end of my life as a young dancer, which was devastating at the time.

At 21, I had a bad fall and a few minor car accidents where I incurred whiplash. The back pain that followed over the next decade was at times excruciating. I saw chiropractors, osteopaths and an assortment of holistic therapists. They all offered some relief, but it was always temporary.

In my 30’s I experienced severe heartburn, acid reflux & nausea. Over a period of 5 years I had undergone an array of tests including; esophagrams, gastric emptying, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, PH monitoring & esophageal manometry, to name a few. A reason for this pain was never found.

I had had daily headaches since my teens and always struggled with IBS.

Discovering BSR

I was first introduced to Body Stress Release in 2007, while on holiday in Cape Town. My parents are both huge fans of the technique and have been attending regular maintenance sessions since 2004. My Mum had thought it might do some good for the emotional stress I was under.

I must admit that at the time I thought, “What a load of hocus-pocus! The practitioner hardly touched me and kept wiggling my feet. What could that possibly achieve?”
It was a short holiday and I had only managed to attend 1 session, but later realized that I had not needed to seek help for my painful back in over a year!
I returned to Maria Mackenzie for a session whenever I was in Cape Town on holiday and she informed me that there was a practitioner in Scotland and that I should look him up.

In 2012, my back completely locked up one day at work. Like many of us who wait until we are in more pain than we can handle, I decided it was now definitely time to look up this BSR practitioner in Scotland. To my enormous relief, Ian Soutar was only a 25-minute drive away and I booked an appointment.

The far reaching benefits of BSR

My lower back was immediately a lot better and pain free within the initial 3 sessions. I chose to go on a monthly maintenance plan. Within 6 sessions the heartburn and acid reflux symptoms, along with constant nausea were greatly improved. After 9 sessions I was no longer taking any of the medications I had been taking 3x a day for over 5 years. I was no longer having the daily headaches, which I had had for nearly 20 years. I was no longer struggling with IBS (spastic colon or constipation & bloating). I no longer had pain in my hips or ITB and could do high impact training at the gym for the first time since my teens.

I could not believe that I had gone to see someone for my lower back and all of these ailments had been ‘cured’ in the process. I continued to attend monthly maintenance sessions, as I did not ever want to suffer with the pain I had in my 20’s and early 30’s again.

A change of direction in life

With the desire to spread the word of this incredible technique and to help others get off pain medication and live a better quality of life; I embarked on the journey of a lifetime by signing up for the Body Stress Release Academy training course in South Africa, which I completed in 2016.

I am now proud to have started as a practitioner in Broughty Ferry and to be available to the local communities in the Dundee area and surrounds.

I look forward to assisting your body to heal with Body Stress Release.

Claire Birbeck
BSR Practitioner
Body Stress Release – Broughty Ferry, Dundee


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