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Body Stress Release is essential for sportspeople

Cyclists often ignore tight muscles and stiff, aching joints, determined to work through the pain. However, the saying ‘no pain, no gain’, has long been discredited.

Releasing stored tension assists the body in its recovery from and prevention of injury.

Freedom from stored tension allows increased energy and flexibility, enhancing performance potential.

Sportspeople should listen to the wisdom of the body, which is telling them to take a break and to have the stored tension released. When surface muscles tighten over a site of compression, it is to restrict movement and ‘splint’ the area so that healing can occur. To override this and continue with the sport is to risk injury.

A vital fact for sportspeople: You cannot tone or build strength into tense muscles. So in order to maximize fitness, it makes sense to have stored tension released and communication restored.

BSR has helped many cyclists enhance their fitness. Every year before competitions, clients have BSR in order to boost their performance.

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