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Body Stress Release for children

Children enjoy experiencing BSR as it is a gentle procedure and they become aware of how different they feel once the stored tension is released. They also enjoy learning about how their bodies work.

At school, a child with tension in the neck may lack concentration and become disruptive. If there is pressure in the lower back, the child may be restless and unable to sit still.

Children may sit incorrectly, e.g. reading or studying while sitting hunched over on a bed will induce stress in the neck and lower back. Watching television while in a half-lying position which reverses the normal lumbar curve will cause pressure to build up in the spine.

As they approach puberty children become more self-conscious and may develop poor posture. Hunched shoulders, a contracted chest and downward tilt of the head occur as a defensive mechanism against the new challenges and stresses of life. Muscles tighten and tension becomes locked into the body.


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