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Body Stress Release for babies

The birth process is stressful to the baby. It makes sense to have a baby assessed for body stress within a few months of the birth, even if there do not appear to be any problems. In this way, if there is any tension stored in the baby’s neck or back it will be released before it accumulates to have an adverse impact on the nervous system.

The BSR practitioner carries out the checks and releases while the baby is lying on the mother’s chest or lap.  The pressure applied is very light and comfortable for the baby. After the stored stress is released a baby will often fall into a sound sleep.

If the birth process was difficult, a baby may be born with body stress, especially in the neck and lower spine. A common sign that a baby has body stress in the neck is constant crying for no apparent reason. When body stress is present in the lower back the baby will cry when the hips are lifted while the nappy is being changed. The impact on the nervous system may cause constipation. Body stress in the area of the diaphragm may result in colic.

Babies & children respond very quickly to BSR, as the pressure has not been present in the body for a long time and is readily released.



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