The History of Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release was pioneered by South Africans, Gail & Ewald Meggersee in the early 1980’s, in response to Ewald’s own crippling pain.

“Body Stress Release is a health technique that arose out of one man’s journey from debilitating pain and hopelessness back to health.” Gail Meggersee
After falling from a tree at the age of 5, Ewald experienced continuous pain in his lower back and shooting pains in his legs. His school days were unbearable. Because of intense pain, he couldn’t sit still at his desk and was always getting into trouble for fidgeting. At 15, he was told that his pain and severe cramping were psychosomatic because no one could find any physical cause for his pain.

Ewald qualified as an industrial chemist and met and married Gail, a teacher. His pain did not ease. Over the years Ewald had received temporary relief from regular chiropractic adjustments, but the pain would always return. He and Gail felt that they would have nothing to loose by going to America to train as chiropractors. They hoped to discover something that had been missed, and to find a way to identify the source of Ewald’s pain and reverse his worsening condition.

Gail & Ewald MeggerseeDuring their studies in America, they met a retired chiropractor, Dr Richard van Rumpt, who had researched an approach completely different to chiropractic manipulation. He talked about listening to the body and using it as a bio-feedback mechanism.

When the Meggersees returned to South Africa, they build on this method of reading the body’s responses. They began working together on clients and this enabled them to discover how the body automatically reacts to stress in a highly organized way. The stored stress occurs as lines of tension in specific directions. They also discovered how the sites of body stress are inter-connected. This research led to the creation of the technique named Body Stress Release, or BSR.

Tens of thousands of people around the world have benefitted from BSR since the Meggersees opened their first practice in Cape Town in 1981. Many of their clients, like Ewald himself, had tried traditional avenues of medical treatment without success. The Meggersees had developed a gentle, almost miraculous way of enhancing the body’s own healing powers by releasing long-held stress in the body. They knew it worked because their prime guinea pig, Ewald, had gone from being a near cripple to regaining his strength and having a pain-free body.

Clients experienced the benefits of this amazing technique and word quickly spread. Their practice began to grow exponentially and it became clear that more practitioners were needed. The first course was held in 1987 and the number of practitioners around the world continues to grow.

Map showing country locations of practitioners around the world